About TypicalMacUser

Hi, My name is Karen. Welcome to my coupon Blog. I always try to keep it informative and of benefit to visitors. I hope you will enjoy a lot from this blog. I am a 44r old stay at home. I am originally from Denver, Colorado but my family moved to Louisiana. I’ve lived much of my life in Denver, Colorado.

Like other girls in Denver, I always loved shopping and exploring culture and art. However, when I moved out of Colorado, I fell in love with the computer technology (Macs as you can tell) and chose blogging as my way of interacting with people. I am also a wife to four children; two girls and two boys. My first born are twins and they girls. They are seven years old. Then the boys follow closely with the elder being five years old and his younger brother is three. They are my inspiration to explore the world.

I am married to Eric who is not just the father of my kids but also the companion that introduced me to blogging. He has his own blog and specializes in interior design which couples as his profession.

I am a professionally trained finance analysts and I specialize in consumer product markets. I founded a consultancy firm with my friend. I work part time and I dedicate my other time to blogging. As a consultant, my duty is to offer technical solutions to financial problems especially relating to consumer products markets analysis. I started the blog when my husband convinced me open up to the world and share information.

This blog is about publishing savings deals and coupons. Its primary function is to publish promotion codes that I find online. I have hope to avail this information to my online followers as part of my duty as a financial expert to help people spend less without compromising on value.

A promotion code or coupons are a form of deal that consumers get when they want to purchase products. You can pay less for a commodity and save a lot. I got my revelation when I manage to save $53 fishing for promotional codes for Christmas gifts. It was a bad financial season.

Cash flow was low and our children needed gifts that would match the other kid’s in the neighborhood. I got a savior in coupons. I not only got the best value in the product but also saved and everyone had a gift that they loved. When I shared this with my friends at the office, I realized that many people did not know about promotional coupons. I had a financial advice idea that I would share in my blog.

The blog was not just an avenue that helped people get information on the available coupons and promotion code options, but it is also a way that people can save and still have value in their purchases.

TypicalMacUser has a lot for you. As long as you are a consumer who gets his or her purchases from online stores, this blog will offer you a myriad of ways to save money by getting a code that will improve your financial destiny. I love to think of it as a smart shoppers guide. It will give you beneficial information that will enable you to get what you want only that you will pay less.

The blog is always updated with the recent promotions and guidelines on how to take advantage of these promotions. It delivers to the reader not just a way to save but a journey towards better financial health.

I invite you to take this journey with me through the world of consumerism. The blog avails essential advantage to everyone by giving you information that will go a long way to change the way you shop and expand the scope of items that will be in your shopping basket in a smart way.

Feel free to interact with me. Make comments, ask question, criticize, or even share some information through this blog. Let us make our worlds better by taking advantage of the opportunity to save on our expenditures.