For people who love shopping, smart phones come in handy with excellent methods to save money without much effort. There are many apps that catalog and show a list of coupon codes. Below I have come up with three apps that really worked great for me.

Grocery Smarts

This application really suits individual who want to take their frugal shopping a notch higher. After digging in into what Grocery Smarts offers the results were incredible. The app inspects weekly flyers of popular grocery stores for example Walmart and Target. Then it goes further to compare the prices each of them offers. The application also ensured that i could be well acquitted about coupon items in the Sunday paper. Amazingly using this app you can send yourself an email of coupons to print and later during the day use them at your favorite stores. Its more convenient because it also allows you to add items into a list, and will notify you of the expected total cost. You can carry these list out when you go for shopping. if you want to save money and plan your shopping, then this app will sort you out. Available for Androids.


This application is of big benefit to us who like to discount shop by the means of paper coupon instead of bringing coupons bind together to the store. All you have to do when using this app is to come with your phone to the store. SnipSnap allows you to have a digital copy of your paper coupon by either scanning it or taking a picture of any physical coupon. What made3 me love this application is that if i entered a store it sent me a reminder to use any coupon you have saved for that respective store. Also is more efficient because the application alerts you when a coupon you saved is about to expire. This application generally has helped user to save about $40 per week on average.


Just as the name suggests Geoqpon basically focuses on stores and deals that are near to you and specifically from popular stores like Walmart and Target. Though it works great for people who are frequent travelers, this app has incredible features. When i used it if offered me the ability to scan a bar code of a product or item and then weigh the deals associated with it or if there are any coupons available for the item. Also just like the other applications it has the capability of notifying you when the coupon you saved is about to expire. What amazed me is if you get a deal is worth, you can open it in Google Maps on the app interface or call the store to inquire about directions and hours hence so efficient.

Despite having a lot of coupon apps in the market, personally these three are my favorite apps after trying many of these applications. For starters i advise you to consider using one of the apps above in order to save money and time shopping.