The is committed to maintaining the privacy of all its users. This privacy policy is a detailed explanation of how the company intends to ensure that the rights as well as the privacy of every user are not tampered with by third parties. It also outlines how the company intends to collect and use information to aid users in making informed decisions while using the service.

The Type of Information Collected

Both personal and non personal information will be collected to give the user high quality services. Non personal information refers to the information that cannot be used to identify any given user. Such information includes the preferences that one uses when on the sire, data usage as well as demographic information. The personal information collected may be used to identify one’s identity, depending on the way it is submitted. The only personal information collected by the company is one’s email address.

How Information Is Used

Except where stated, the information that is collected on this site is not sold, traded or shared with any other party for any reason. If the company needs to share any personal information with vendors to improve the client’s services, we will do so only after receiving consent from the user.

In the event that the company merges or is acquired by a separate company, one’s personal information will be shared with that company. Accepting the terms of this privacy policy means that one has acknowledged and also given consent for his or her personal information to be shared with these parties.

How Information Is Protected

There are a number of ways in which information is protected. The company has put technological measures in place to prevent security breaches from third parties. These measures include firewalls, encryption as well as socket layer technology. The company also requires users to use passwords as an added security measure. These passwords should not be shared with anyone to ensure that one’s account is not tampered with. The company also advises all its users to log out of their accounts after use to avoid cases of identity theft.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The corporation reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this policy at any time. The company will notify all users on any changes 30 days before they take effect. For any questions, feel free to make inquiries by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..