Parallels Desktop 12 is an upgrade to virtual box technology. It let's you run windows applications instantly on Mac OS as if they were native, through a coherence that has won many legion fans. It is a modest upgrade to Desktop 11 containing new cool power management features, new brand of capabilities in parallels tools and a quality graphics for gaming. It also has Mac OS sierra support.

How To Use

First install an OS On to a virtual box preferably windows as you can easily clone it from an existing PC or install fresh one but others like Ubuntu, chromium, Android can work just as we'll. Cloning sounds like a very attractive and easier choice as you can install an application on your PC and let it synchronize your Windows operating system over home network. The disadvantage with this however is only transfer an old operating system from a computer only if it's the original version of windows. Furthermore, Windows 10 doesn't like to be moved and applications won't run. This may be corrected by changing UAC setting putting in a fresh version of windows fixes this permission problem as you just have the key in your license key and parallels can take care of the rest.

New To Parallel?

On the technical part start your PC on Mac, then drop instantly to hibernation hence saving power for Mac tasks and you can start windows applications almost instantly. It has high performance and advantageously runs two OS in full screen mode and has a translucent window for monitoring your virtual machine. One cannot however switch between modes. It enables game play due to its we'll integrated graphics but games are limited by Mac spec. Its tool box has handy tools but less important. It exists as standard version with a set of network profiles and a pro version with a variety of profiles.

Parallels Desktop Promo Codes

The company behind this sophisticated yet easy to use software gives a great incentive to users to install their software. Discount coupons for all parallels products are available online and also at If you subscribe to you will be given a one-time coupon that will save you 10% off the price.