Today, more and more people are working in front of the computer, either for their own online business or for a company in another country. I'm one of those people who work on their online venture, spending the biggest part of the day - and sometimes night - in front of the computer. Staring at a computer monitor for several hours is no joke. It can cause headaches, eyestrain, burning, dry eyes, and worse, blurred vision-- these are just some of the most common symptoms of a computer vision syndrome, or CVS. 

Fortunately, I have discovered a way on how to protect my eyes from CVS, and that is with the use of computer glasses. These glasses enhance one's vision. Likewise, they can also effectively block the harmful UV rays and cut down the glare at the same time-- both of these have been related to cataracts. Best of all, it doesn't matter if you're a Mac, podcast, or Apple user. Rest assured that you can use these glasses on any electronic device you have.

Are You Wearing Corrective Glasses or Contact Lenses?

Those who are wearing corrective glasses or contact lenses, the usual dilemma that they suffer from being in front of the computer for several hours, is that the common distance of the computer screen is usually farther away than the reading material, but a little bit closer than distance vision.

Although bifocals work well on reading materials, they're not fully optimized to work the same at a personal computer. Likewise, unlike reading materials that are usually held in our lap, a PC monitor lies a few inches away. This forces the bifocal users to tilt their head up, causing shoulder and neck strain. Aside from that, it can also force one to lean in toward the computer monitor as a way to lessen the distance to the scope the bifocals are specifically made to correct.

What the Optometrists Offer Today

Considering our unique needs as computer users, I have discovered that a lot of optometrists nowadays provide specific tests for computer use as a way to modify computer vision. Wherein, the glasses honed for computer use are usually polarized in order to cut down the glare, and it also filters the UV rays. These factors are just some of the reasons why a pair of computer glasses can make one's computer time truly enjoyable, especially for the eyes.

The Benefits of Using Computer Glasses

Those who are not suffering from corrected vision, but have experienced CVS symptoms can consider wearing computer glasses, because it magnifies the screen to reduce the strain on the eyes. 

I have tried simple drugstore glasses before, thinking that it would work as computer glasses as well. Unfortunately, these glasses are only made for reading close material, making it not suitable for computer use.

Thankfully, my optometrist offered a computer vision test, and this helped me decide that I really need computer glasses.

Computer Glasses Have Multiple Purpose

Computer glasses can also be used as sunglasses, especially the photochromic lenses. These lenses lighten indoors, while it darkens outdoors. Which only implies that aside from being a great tool for computer use, you can also use them as your regular sunglasses.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, make sure that your glasses are detect free. This can be done by holding the glasses at arm's length and look at the lenses. See to it that it doesn't waver nor distort what lies ahead.