Like most major big box stores, Target is always balancing how to best keep the customer happy with the need to make sure the bottom line is doing as well as possible. So the chain's decisions on how to handle coupons and which ones to honor can change a bit from month-to-month depending on how well sales are going at the time.When it comes to accepting coupons, Target has a fairly loose policy on accepting multiple discounts on one time.

In most cases you can combine manufacturer's promotions with store-issued savings and in some cases multiple store discounts. The national policy is to not honor coupons that have expired, although it's always worth a try because some cashiers will just key in the amount manually when you give them one that doesn't work. And if you forget to use a discount during checkout, you can bring it back with a receipt within 72 hours and get cash for the amount off the coupon. You can also use any savings on a clearance item, which can cut the cost in half or more.

This video explains how to get target coupons on the web and your smartphone:

If you clip coupons, it's worth downloading Target's Cartwheel app. That discount app provides 5-50% off of a changing lineup of items and those discounts are separate from other store or manufacturer offers. The deals change frequently and some are only good for a day or two. But the discounts cover all areas of Target, from toys and housewares to clothes and electronics.

The best way to really save money at the cash register is by combining multiple types of promos with online and in-store offers. One example would be a manufacturer's coupon, along with a discount from Cartwheel and a separate deal that takes a percentage off of a purchase once you hit a certain amount. For instance, $5 off when you spend $20 on groceries. By combining all the savings options, you can save a large percentage of your purchase cost.