The use of coupons has really exploded in the last few years, so it’s only natural that savvy app developers have started to create coupon apps. Of course, when it comes to savings for your family, you can’t waste time with substandard couponing tools. These are the two best coupon apps on the market, and they are both currently free.

The Coupons App

This app has been a bestseller since it launched in 2013, and it’s easy to see why. The user interface is straightforward to use, which has made it popular with those struggling to transition from paper coupons. It also has a barcode scanner, enabling shoppers to compare prices from different outlets. In addition to standard coupons, The Coupons App provides information on current gas prices, Groupon deals, and special offers in your local area.

In terms of practical use, this app has everything. It is widely compatible (available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon) and offers a great range of couponing tools, so it’s well worth downloading.


SnipSnap has found the perfect compromise for avid couponers who can’t let go of the newspaper and scissors quite yet. Not only does this app store thousands of coupons in an extensive retailer database, it allows users to scan printed coupons and store them in the app.

In addition to storing and snipping coupons, this app offers reminders to inform users when coupons are close to their expiration date. It will also send a notification when the user enters a store they have saved coupons for, so it is impossible to forget about potential savings. This app’s simple UI and sharing-optimized format (it offers store ratings from other users in addition to social media linking) have also contributed to its popularity.

SnipSnap is available for iTunes and Android devices.